Brian Ngoma

Nursery Manager

Brians extensive knowledge of plants and his friendly manor ensure that all Shaka Nursery clients needs are addressed with the best service and product.

Brian was introduced to a tour guide at the Durban Botanical Gardens who sparked his interested in all things botanical. Brian worked with her at the Nursery and as he learnt the names of all the plants and trees, he realized that he knew so many of them from his childhood growing up in Zimbabwe. This deep understanding of plants means that Brian is constantly increasing his knowledge base. He loves to collect seeds and cuttings where ever he goes.


Gloria Hlengiwe Ntombela

Assistant Nursery Manager

Gloria has worked in landscaping on the North Coast for over 25 years and has learnt her plants “one by one” while gaining knowledge from those around her and pouring over reference books where ever available to her. While Gloria has no formal qualification in botanicals, she has a special interest in indigenous shrubs and groundcovers and knows all the Latin names like the back of her hand.


Sebenzani Madikizela

Assistant Nursery Manager

Sebenzani has over 25 years experience and, after really enjoying studying Agriculture at school, through her years of working in nurseries, she has developed a keen interest trees. Over the years she has gained an incredible knowledge of trees and a skill for identifying trees just for their seeds, leaves or flowers. She quite often needs to look up the common name as she is more familiar with the Latin names!

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